National Retired Members' Advisory Conference 2023

My Ref:  MRP32/1


24th October 2022


Circular No: NP/233/22


TO: The Secretary, 

All Retired Members’ Branches and Regional Councils 


Dear Colleague,




Arrangements have been made for the 2023 National Retired Members Advisory Conference to take place on Thursday 20th April, commencing at 13:00 in The Hall, The Mechanics Centre Ltd, 103 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6DD.



The Advisory Conference consists of a maximum of four delegates per Region. Retired Branches, or where applicable Regional Councils, are invited to nominate retired members as delegates. Four nomination forms are enclosed herewith. 


Nominations are also sought for the National Advisory Conference Liaison Committee which consists of twodelegates per Retired Member Branch, or where applicable Regional Council. Two nomination forms are enclosed.


Please also find a nomination form for internal conference positions and external committees. 


The closing date for receipt of nominations at Head Office is Friday 10th March 2023. Head Office will meet delegates’ legitimate travel and subsistence expenses but only with valid receipts.


May I please bring to your attention to Rule 4 of the National Retired Members Advisory Conference Constitution:


“Each Retired Members Branch shall have the right to nominate four delegates, who shall be retired members or have been resettled under ill health or PT&R. 


In the event of a Regional Council having more than one Retired Members Branch, two nominees from each Branch shall be permitted, subject to a maximum of four nominees per Regional Council.


A Regional Council which does not have a Retired Members Branch may, if it so wishes, nominate four delegates.”


Therefore, only Retired Member Branches or a Regional Council without a retired member branch can nominate delegates to the Conference and Liaison Committee.


Nomination forms received which are not supported by a Retired Members Branch or a Regional Council will not be accepted


I would therefore advice branches in a region which does not have a Retired Members Branch to go through the appropriate Regional Council to ensure retired members can attend the conference and Liaison Committee.




I would also like to take this opportunity to seek resolutions for inclusion on the Conference Agenda. Resolutions, which must deal with issues directly relating to pensioners, should also reach Head Office by Friday 10th March 2023.


The Conference is entitled to submit two resolutions, which must deal with issues directly affecting pensioners, to the RMT’s Annual General Meetings. Two representatives of the Advisory Conference may attend the Annual General Meeting to move the resolutions.


If you require any clarification on the above please contact the secretary of the Retired Members Conference Paul Norris on 020 7529 8806 or at


Yours sincerely



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Michael Lynch

General Secretary