Pension Arrangements - Jarvis Update

My Ref: MRP1/8/21                              19th December 2013

  Circular No.NP/ 363 /13
To the Secretary:
All Rail Branches and Regional Councils

Dear Colleague,


As previously reported in Circular NP/311/13, 7th November 2013, the RMT continues to campaign for justice for those ex-Jarvis workers who have seen their Railways Pension Scheme (RPS) benefits reduced as a result of the Jarvis section of the RPS being placed in the Pension Protection Fund.

The RMT Parliamentary tabled an amendment to the Pension Bill in October 2013 which calls for the Government to fully protect employees pension benefits in the event that a railway employer becomes insolvent and that the effect of the amendment would be backdated to benefit former Jarvis employees. You will recall that despite a lengthy debate in Parliament the amendment was not voted on due to time constraints.

However, despite this setback the amendment was tabled by Lord Dubbs at the Grand Committee Stage of the House of Lords on 18th December 2013. It will now be debated by the House of Lords in January 2014.  It is likely the government will continue to oppose this union but we will continue to pursue the amendment through all the stages of the Lords

I will keep you informed of developments.

Yours sincerely,

B. Crow,
General Secretary