Pensions and Passes - Tube Lines

My Ref: MRP 2/10                                 15th August 2013
                                          Circular Num: NP/218 /13
To: The All Branches & Representatives
       All Underground and Former LT Employers

Dear Colleagues,

I refer to my previous Circular NP/188/13, 18th July 2013, the RMT has received correspondence from Tube Lines management dated 9th August 2013 indicating the possibility that remaining staff still employed by Tube Lines will be TUPE transferred back into London Underground and Transport for London.  The letter also makes a proposed to set up a Joint Working Party to find a positive solution to our Tube Line members’ claim for equal pension and travel passes.

The Relief Regional Organiser has requested a meeting with Tube Lines RMT Representatives to discuss management’s proposals.

I further wish to inform you that the correspondence also indicates that the TfL Pension Fund may be closed to new entrants in the future.

In consideration the General Grades Committee on 18th July 2013 have made the following decision:

“We note the correspondence from the employer and the report form the lead officer.

We instruct the General Secretary to advise GGC members when our representatives’ meeting is to take place, and to place a report of this meeting in front of us as soon as practical after it takes place.

We welcome the intention to transfer all Tube Lines employees into the employment of London Underground Ltd and Transport for London.

We note the employer’s stated intention to close the TfL Pension Fund to all new entrants in London Underground, Transport for London and Tube Lines. We utterly reject this proposal. It was the closure of the TfL Fund to new entrants in Tube Lines ten years ago that led to this dispute, as a two-tier workforce developed. It is in the interests of both current and future employees that all be entitled to join the scheme, to prevent such a two-tier situation arising again and to secure the stability of the Fund. This union will defend the TfL Pension Fund with all means at our disposal, up to and including industrial action.

Branches and Regional Councils to be advised.”

I will keep you informed for developments.

Yours sincerely,
R. Crow
General Secretary