My Ref: MRP 32/1


                                                                                                         6th August 2013


                                                                                                         Circular Num: NP/207 /13


To: The Secretary All Branches & Regional Councils


Dear Colleagues,




I refer to the resolution, Retired Staff: Travel Concessions (TOCs) carried at the 2012 National Retired Members Advisory Conference:


“The Retired Section, find it very unjust, that come the end of a train operating company franchise, the employee of a particular T.O.C. who has since retired, does not hold on to the travel concessions, he or she once enjoyed.

As the years go on, more and more retired staff, will be retiring, with no travel facilities at all i.e. staff that joined a railway company after 1996.

After years of loyal service, retied members are again being victimised, and we urge the union, to fight for the travel concessions, the retired member had, at the time of retiring, to be transferred in the event of a change of franchise, as per the TUPE arrangements.”

Please be advised that the Council of Executives instructed the General Secretary to carry out a comprehensive report as to the current state of retired members’ staff travel facilities with all train operating companies.


The summary report was placed in front of your National Sub-Committee on 24th July 2013 and was referred back to the Council of Executives who adopted the following report on 6th August 2013:


Referring to Decision No. GWW of 6th June 2013, your National Sub Committee submits the following report:


We note the summary report on file. We instruct the General Secretary to:


1.      Distribute the summary report to all our Retired Members’ branches and the Secretary of our National Retired Members Advisory Conference and invite their comments, and to place responses in front of us


2.      Continue to update this summary report and pursue missing information


3.      Ensure that we continue to pursue with all employers our demand for free travel for all staff and all retired staff at every opportunity.


Branches and Regional Councils to be advised.”


In line with this decision I have written to Retired Member Branches and requested the comments of members by the 1st November 2013. I have attached the summary report for your information.


I will keep you informed of developments.


Yours sincerely,


B. Crow

General Secretary