TfL pensions consultative committee (PCC) elections section three (LUL employees)

My Ref: MRP 2/5 4th September 2018

Circular Num: NP/168 /18


Dear Colleagues,

TfL pensions consultative committee (PCC) elections
section three (LUL employees)

Please be advised that the following resolution was placed before the National Executive Committee by the Hammersmith & City Branch:

“We call on the NEC to endorse the following candidates for the upcoming TfL Pension Consultative Committee elections: Bro. Peter Woods of TfL No.1 Branch and Bro Hari Srikandarajah from LUL Branch.

This branch believes that we need to strengthen RMT presence on this committee especially from station and Fleet (ex Tube Lines Employees).

Please consult with Regional Council and current PCC members on the best way to assist these very good candidates.”

In consideration the National Executive Committee on 12th June 2018 made the following decision:

“We note the resolution from our Hammersmith & City Branch; and endorse candidates Bro. Woods and Bro. Srikandarajah for the upcoming TfL Pensions Consultative Committee elections.

Members to be advised by email and text.

All London Transport Branches and London Transport Regional Councils to be advised.”

In accordance with the motion, and having liaised with our PCC representatives, emails and texts are being prepared to go out once the ballot papers are due to be sent to members.

I would remind you that it is essential that the RMT maintains a strong presence on the Pension Consultative Committee so that members past and future pension rights are protected. I therefore urge you to encourage members to vote for Bro. Woods and Bro. Srikandarajah to maintain the RMT’s voice on this committee.



Peter Woods


Hari Srikandarajah





I will keep you informed of developments.

Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash
General Secretary