Transport Policy


  • RMT parliamentary group reports, political circulars, support for campaigning organisations and decisions of the union's annual general meeting


  •  Pay and conditions, employment law and consultation responses

Working with other Unions

RMT plays a full role in the Trades Union Congress, Scottish Trades Union Congress and Wales Trades Union Congress in order to advance the interests of its members across the country.

Transport policy is taking on an increasingly European and global dimension where international capital is seeking to spread the privatisation of transport infrastructure and drive down pay and conditions.

RMT is part of the fightback, working closely with transport unions at international level and is an affiliate of the European Transport Workers Federation and the International Transport Workers Federation.

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UK Policy Campaigns

International Policy Campaigns


Parliamentary Groups

RMT has active Parliamentary Groups at Westminster, the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly.

These work with the union to pursue a progressive transport and employment agenda in their respective legislatures based on the following principles.

  • Public ownership and public accountability of the rail network
  • Increased employment of UK seafarers
  • Opposition to the London Underground PPP
  • Repeal of anti-trade union legislation and the promotion of rights at work


Political Circulars and Submissions