4th Rail Package – Demonstration in Strasbourg

Circular number: NP/020/14/MC

31st January 2014

To: - HO Officers, Executive, Regional Organisers, Regional Councils & All Branches

Dear Colleague,

4th Rail Package – Demonstration in Strasbourg

RMT is joining forces with the ETF, along with the TSSA and ASLEF to protest outside the European Parliament in the French city of Strasbourg against dangerous EU rules demanding ‘open access’ for private rail companies.

The ETF demonstration is taking place at 13.00, 25th February in Strasbourg.

It is a legitimate use of branch expenditure to attend, if agreed by the branch and travel arrangements must also be made by the branch.

Please note there is no direct rail service, or flight, which arrives in Strasbourg before 13.00 on that day.

For further information or please contact Mick Carty on m.carty@rmt.org.uk or 020 7529 8307.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow
General Secretary