8:00am 2nd January 2020 – CUT FARES NOT STAFF PROTEST

Circular No. NP/285/19

To the Secretary all Branches and Regional Councils.

19 December 2019

Dear Colleagues,

8:00am 2nd January 2020 – CUT FARES NOT STAFF PROTEST

On the 2nd January 2020 this Government will yet again inflict a punitive rail fares increase on already hard-pressed passengers at a time when they are attacking trade unions and our right to strike.

Due to the uncertainty in the run up the general election at this short notice it has only been possible to plan one event which will be a protest outside King’s Cross station in London at 8:00am. We will send a clear message to this right-wing Government to cut fares not staff and defend the right to strike.

We will be campaigning against job and service cuts across the network at a time when train companies continue to increase fares and rake in huge profits.

We are calling on as many members and branches as possible to turn out for this protest at the beginning of a year where we will have many battles and where we must stand up and fight for our union and for our railway.

Please do all you can to attend

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary