B&EM Members' Course

My ref: EO/18
5th September 2017
Circular No. NP/137/17

Dear Colleague,


The two day course to encourage union activism by our black and ethnic minority members is scheduled for 13-14 October 2017 (to coincide with Black History Month)

The course syllabus covers the union’s history, structure, how it works and includes a section on how to write and present a resolution.  Delegates need to be aware that public speaking is part of this course.      

This short, intensive course requires 1 night away and takes place at the Bob Crow Education Centre in Doncaster.  The course will commence with a lunch at 1pm on Friday and will conclude by 4pm Saturday.
Branches are invited to nominate one representative per course but in doing so please ensure that your nominee is up to date with their subs and can attend the course (subject to release).  The attached form can be used for all of these courses and should be returned to the Education Centre as soon as possible. The costs of this course will be met by Head Office.  

All B&EMM members are encouraged to take this course once and then move up to representative/officer level courses.  If you have any queries, please do contact our Equal Opportunities Officer, Jess Webb, on t: 020 7529 8821, j.webb@rmt.org.uk

Yours sincerely,
Mick Cash
General Secretary