Britain Needs A Pay Rise Demo

Head Office Circular No. NP/145/14


Wednesday 23rd July 2014


To the Secretary all Branches,

Council of Executive members,

Regional Councils and Regional Offices.



Dear Colleagues,


 Britain Needs A Pay Rise National Demo

June inflation figures show that all measures increased and RPI now stands at 2.6%. It is clear workers are still being made to pay for the banking crisis and average wages continue to fall behind the rising cost of living. Tory millionaire ministers may be cushioned from the living standards crisis but it is still the top concern for workers and families. An economic recovery based on shrinking pay packets (down nearly 9% since 2009) is not one built to last.

That is why, with support from the unions Political Fund, RMT is urging all members to attend the TUC national demo in London on October 18th under the banner of ‘Britain needs a pay Rise’

Attendance numbers

Early mobilisation and planning is important. We have been asked to let the TUC know approximate attendance numbers as this information will help inform their arrangements. Please contact Bob Oram with any information on numbers.


We will need a lot of stewards for supporting and assisting RMT marchers on the day. There will be two main types of steward which we have been asked to help with recruiting:

  • Senior stewards will be placed along the route of the march (or in other locations such as the form-up and in Hyde Park) and will remain in those positions for the duration of the march or until it has completely passed. They will be supporting the TUC and will be expected to attend a training session in advance in either Glasgow or London
  • Route stewards will move with the march. Route stewards will be recruited to look after our block of members. They will need to register in advance, complete an on-line training exercise and wear a TUC provided hi-vis jacket (not an RMT jacket).

While route stewards are welcomed, the TUC priority is to recruit and train senior stewards as they ensure that all of the march is stewarded.

In order to ensure there are sufficient numbers can any volunteers for the senior steward role contact Bob Oram as soon as possible. Any members with previous experience are welcomed although this is not essential.


Please contact Bob Oram if there are any other issues in respect of access issues. The following items have been agreed so far.

  • There will be a short march for those who are do not wish to do the full route.
  • There will be an assembly area for wheelchair/scooter users on the Embankment for which we will be able to arrange drop-off through road closures.
  • There will be a viewing platform (bigger than in previous years) in Hyde Park for wheelchair/scooter users


  • The march will assemble from 11am on the Embankment near Blackfriars.
  • It will move off at noon, and march via Northumberland Avenue, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly to Hyde Park for a rally.
  • This is a slightly shorter route than previous marches, and it is hoped will allow more people to get to the Park in time for all, or a good part, of the rally content. This will result in the march not passing Westminster or Downing Street.


Scotland will be holding a separate march and rally on the same day. Entitled ‘A Just Scotland’: Decent Work, Dignified Lives’. The march is slated to take place in Glasgow, pending permissions. A further circular will be going out shortly to all branches in Scotland.

It is essential that the RMT contingent is as large as possible on both of these demonstrations to demonstrate the seriousness of our opposition to Government plans to persist with economic policies which will slash real jobs, pay, terms and conditions, employment rights, and pensions alongside the vital public services we all use.

Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash

Acting General Secretary