britain needs a pay rise - tuc pay campaign


Dear Colleagues,

Britain needs a pay rise – TUC pay campaign

The TUC has launched a campaign to highlight how far the real value of workers’ pay has dropped since the crisis broke.

The “Britain needs a pay rise” campaign sets out how since 2008, workers’ pay packets have fallen by 7% (taking into account inflation).

In fact, pay has fallen back to 2000 levels. And unless concerted efforts are taken, it will be several years before lower and middle wage earners regain the same purchasing power that they had in 2008.

The TUC campaign is focusing on there being:

-a properly enforced minimum wage (with more resources for HM Revenue and Customs, together with the public naming and shaming of companies in breach of the rules);

-higher minimum wages;

-an increased commitment to the living wage; and

-curbs on excessive executive pay (achieved by worker representation on pay committees and greater transparency about executives’ reward).

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And the latest details on the concurrent Austerity Uncovered bus tour are available on Facebook ( and on Twitter (@austeritybus).

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow

General Secretary