Circular No: NP/007/18/MC






12th January 2018



Dear Colleague,




I am writing in relation to the news surrounding Carillion's deficit, and the potential impact that the ongoing crisis may have on RMT members working for Carillion.


RMT’s absolute priority at this stage is our members jobs and their pension rights.


The workers caught in the middle of this financial meltdown at Carillion are not responsible for the crisis and they should have protection and guarantees from the Government including an assurance that operations will be directly transferred over to Network Rail with all jobs, pensions and rights safe guarded if Carillion goes bust. That is the very least we would expect.


I have written to request meetings with the Minister for the Cabinet Office and the Transport Minister in order to outline our concerns and to discuss the necessity of the workforce being protected through being brought in-house by Network Rail.


I have also raised the matter with our Parliamentary Group and will keep you informed of any developments.


Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary