Cut Fares Not Staff / New Years Fare’s Hike Protests

Head Office Circular No. NP/270/14                                                                              Monday 15th December 2014

To the Secretary all Branches,

Council of Executive members,

Regional Councils and Regional Offices.


Dear Colleagues,

Cut Fares Not Staff / New Years Fare’s Hike Protests

From 2nd January rail fares will increase again while working people are taking pay cuts and I am writing to advise you of a number of events that will be taking place to support our campaigns against rail staff cuts and for public ownership of the railways.

Friday 2nd January - Kings Cross Station –7:30 – 9:00 am

RMT - together with the other organisation’s operating under the Action for Rail umbrella - will be holding a demo and leafleting at Kings Cross station. The demonstration will be highlighting that while fares are going up again, there are massive cuts taking place to railway staff, jobs and services, all to feed private company profits. The demo will be calling for the railways to be nationalised.

Monday 5th of January – Northern Rail / TPE campaign

To coincide with the mass return to work and to support the campaigns against cuts on Northern Rail and Transpennine Express it is hoped to hand out campaign postcards at a number of stations. Northern and TPE branches have already been written to on this issue. Please contact Craig Johnston, if you can assist.

Monday 5th of January – East Coast / Great Western IEP campaign

To support the campaign against cuts arising from the introduction of IEP trains on Great Western and East Coast again it is hoped to hand out campaign postcards at a number of stations. Please contact Steve Skelly if you can assist by 22 December 2014.

Monday 5th of January – Action for Rail Public Ownership Campaign

Supported by the RMT backed Action for Rail campaign various campaign groups are  coordinating handing out postcards at 27 stations in support of public ownershipwhich will be handing out Action for Rail postcards to passengers. Members are encouraged to support where possible. More details at

 Please note while RMT is supporting the above, RMT is not organising them and members should contact the organiser Peter

Please claim the dates in your diary and help to demonstrate the strength of our opposition to Government plans for further cuts to jobs and services whilst fares continue to exceed inflation and wages and urge your fellow trade unionists, trades councils, family and friends to attend.


Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash

General Secretary