Cut fares Not staff Campaign Update

Circular No. NP/166/18
30 August 2018


Dear Colleagues,


I am writing to thank all those branches and members who took part in the station protests two weeks ago when the Government announced their 2019 RPI based increase for regulated fares (3.2%). Your presence leafletting passengers calling on the government to ‘Cut Fares Not Staff’ again generated huge interest. RMT’s message was picked up by national and local press and TV in England, Scotland and Wales. A very small sample of the hundreds of stories ran by the media are included below:

Our campaign will continue until we achieve a government committed to a publically owned railway and not one motivated by private profit. As part of that we will be looking carefully at future campaigning materials and tactics.

On the issue of freepost postcards our lawyers have informed us that due to the new GDPR arrangements the union was potentially at risk from returning passenger’s personal data to our address via freepost. The Post Office do not allow a freepost address other than our own which means we cannot send the cards direct to Parliament. I am therefore now examining how the union can continue to maximise support from passengers for our campaigns. Further information will be sent to branches in the near future about these plans but the most important thing is that we will continue to campaign vigorously in pursuit of our aims by every means at our disposal.

I know you will continue in those efforts and again I want to place on record our appreciation and my thanks for the overwhelming effort everyone put in to making the action on the 15th August such a great success.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary