Every Job Matters – London Assembly calls for public consultation on ticket office closures and staff cuts

17th February 2014
Our ref: P12
Circular No. NP/040/14

Dear Colleague

Every Job Matters – London Assembly calls for public consultation on ticket office closures and staff cuts.

Please find below the text of an urgent motion that was passed at a meeting of the Greater London Assembly on 14th February calling on the Mayor to ask the public what they think of his cuts instead of bulldozing them through. The motion was passed 15 votes to 9 (Lab/Lib Dem/Green vs Tory).

As part of the Unions campaign of absolute opposition to the cuts RMT has been calling for the public to be consulted and the motion is a clear message to the Mayor that needs to think again.

The Assembly vote comes on the back of opposition to the cuts from Members of Parliament, passengers, pensioners and disability groups and is a reflection of the fact that a large majority of the public are against the cuts. 

There is clear and very broad support for our member’s campaign for a properly staffed tube and the Mayor is becoming increasingly isolated.

Greater London Assembly motion

    “This Assembly welcomes the announcement this week’s strikes on the London Underground have been called off. This Assembly also welcomes the RMT and TSSA Unions and TfL talking through issues and attempting to resolve this dispute amicably.
    This Assembly supports proposals to operate the Underground on some lines at night on Fridays and Saturdays. However, this Assembly is concerned that people across London are not being given the opportunity to comment on proposals to close all Tube Ticket Offices and reduce station staffing levels by 950 posts. There are some interesting ideas in TfL’s plans and modernisation is needed, but Londoners should be given the chance to have their say and improve them. This Assembly wishes to ensure that all Tube users - including tourists, the elderly and vulnerable – will not be negatively affected by these changes. We believe that the Mayor and Transport for London should develop and adopt a ‘Passengers Charter’ which clearly sets out the minimum service level they can expect to receive from TfL.
    This Assembly believes the Mayor should reflect on his proposals and that he must instruct Transport for London to conduct a full public consultation on the Fit for the Future programme. This should include producing a plan for each station affected, including details of what the staffing provision there will be and how services will change.”

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow
General Secretary