Findings of the ‘Platform’ survey of offshore oil and gas workers

Circular No: NP/258/20


Our ref: S2/3

20th October 2020

Dear Colleagues

Findings of the ‘Platform’ survey of offshore oil and gas workers

Further to Circular no. NP/231 of 28th August 2020, the report from the Platform survey was published at the end of September.

The voices of offshore oil and gas workers are well reflected in this report and I would urge you to read it. There were over 1,400 responses, mainly from upstream offshore oil and gas workers. RMT members submitted the majority of trade union responses and I want to thank you for responding to this important survey.

The main findings confirm the seriousness of the situation facing offshore oil and gas workers today, in particular:

Over 42% of those surveyed have been made redundant or furloughed since March 2020;
91% of offshore workers have not heard of ‘Just Transition’;
81% of offshore oil and gas workers are considering leaving the industry;
Offshore wind, other renewables, decommissioning and Carbon Capture & Storage are the top four industries offshore oil and gas workers would consider transferring to;
Current level of support from local, Scottish and UK Government for offshore oil and gas workers regarded as 'nowhere near enough' by a majority; and
Over 67% support a jobs guarantee in response to Covid-19.

A number of the final report’s recommendations reflect RMT policy:

Strengthen employment rights, health and safety regulation and transition training routes;
Link offshore wind and decommissioning projects to local jobs;
Remove anti-trade union legislation; and
Establish publicly owned energy companies.

The UK Government’s long overdue industrial strategy for oil and gas must reflect the demands of offshore workers and their Unions and the Just Transition Commission set up by the Scottish Government must also take the Platform report into account and make the appropriate recommendations to tackle job insecurity and to clear barriers to work between offshore energy sectors, particularly those in the emerging renewables industry and associated supply chains. We will continue working with our Parliamentary Groups, including in the Wales Senedd to achieve this.

I would be grateful if you would share this with members in your branch or region and I will keep you informed of all further developments.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary