Circular No. NP/270/13

7th October 2013


Dear Colleagues,

General Strike

Under Item 8 the Annual General Meeting adopted the following resolution in June 2013:
"This Conference applauds the decision taken at the 2012 Trades Union Congress, which was seconded by RMT, to coordinate strike action and investigate the possibility of holding a 24-hour general strike against Austerity measures. We will oppose all cuts to the services that many working class people rely on.

The RMT will organise meetings of our members in order to prepare them for action to defend jobs, pensions and conditions for all grades nationwide. Members should also be prepared for the possibility of linking action with other unions and for participating in a general strike.

The RMT will prepare propaganda material that will inform our members and also make a case to the public to oppose cuts to jobs and services within our industry.

This conference applauds the General Secretary for his leading role in popularising the demand for a general strike both before and at the TUC demo on 20 Oct. We request that the RMT Council of Executives conducts a national campaign to explain to members why RMT is calling for a general strike. This could include a series of regional meetings and the production of printed material for members.

The LTRC continues to support the campaigning work of the NSSN and agrees to circulate NSSN material in the region."
On 20 August 2013 the following decision was taken by the Council of Executives:
"That we note that since this resolution was passed the Union has already submitted a resolution to the 2013 BTUC calling for the continued consideration of the practicalities of a General Strike and support for coordinated industrial action and that we are supporting the National Shop Stewards Demonstration at the TUC on 9th September.

In addition we ask Regional Councils to list this matter as an agenda item for their forthcoming meetings where National officers and Council of Executives members will be available to speak.”
I am pleased to report that at TUC Congress 2013, RMT gathered sufficient support to ensure that its motion containing the following working was passed:
“Congress believes it is incumbent upon us to do all within our power to fight back and believes that the consideration of the practicalities of a General Strike should remain.

Congress notes that whilst the ETUC called a day of action against austerity on a Wednesday, workers in the UK were not called upon to take action on a working day.
A mid week day of action and protest coupled with the General Council assisting in coordinating any strike action on that day would have a significant and different impact to those called on a Saturday.

Congress agrees to hold what could be the first of a series of mid week days of action involving communities throughout the country and for the General Council to urgently consult affiliates on the timing of such a day of action.”

Therefore I would be grateful if Regional Councils could list this matter as an agenda item for their forthcoming meetings.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow
General Secretary