London Underground’s Disability Discrimination

11th January 2016
My ref: EO/27
Circular No: NP/010/16

Dear Colleague,

London Underground’s Disability Discrimination

The General Grades Committee considered the following resolution on 24th November 2015:

“We note:
1. the numerous and increasing cases of London Underground Ltd sacking and otherwise discriminating against disabled staff
2. that Fit for the Future Stations abolishes seated roles on stations, which is already leading to staff who develop disabilities being forced out of work, will do so more in future, and limits opportunities for redeployment onto stations of, for example, train drivers who develop disabilities.

We ask the union to liaise with the London Transport Regional Council Disability Officer and LUL branches and reps to: launch an urgent and high-profile campaign on this, including (but not limited to): reporting LUL to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission or other relevant authority; publicising this situation; declaring a dispute with LUL on this matter; exploring options for industrial action.”

This was referred to the Southern Sub-Committee who, after consideration, submitted the following report which was noted and adopted by the National Executive Committee on 7th January 2016:

“We note the resolution from Central Line East Branch and we instruct the General Secretary to instruct the Regional Organiser to organise a meeting with Stations and Revenue Functional Council (LUL) and to produce a report with recommendations within 28 Days.

    Relevant Branches and the LTRC to be informed.”

In accordance with the above, I have written to the Regional Organiser and I would be most grateful if you could bring this matter to the attention of all your LUL members.

Yours sincerely,
Mick Cash
General Secretary