Low Pay Commission (LPC) visits in 2014

Circular No. NP/133/14/BO


17th July 2014




Dear Colleagues,


Low Pay Commission (LPC) visits in 2014


In order to set the rates of the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for 2015, the LPC conducts a series of visits around the UK to take evidence from workers, unions and employers.


The LPC uses the evidence collected from these visits to decide whether to increase NMW rates for 16 and 17 year olds, 18-20 year olds and apprentices, as well as the daily rate of accommodation offset from seafarers’ on the NMW, and by how much.  The union has previously presented evidence to the LPC from the cleaning and maritime sectors of pay rates below NMW as part of this annual exercise.


It is extremely important to present any and all evidence to the LPC of employers paying workers below the NMW and these visits give us an opportunity to speak directly to LPC about our concerns over the minimum wage and issues related to low pay. The 2014 schedule has been released and is reproduced below:


2014   Date                            Location       

30 – 31 July              Isle of Wight / Southampton

5   - 6 August            Wales (Clwyd West, Vale of Clwyd,   Clwyd South, Arfon) 

24   - 27 September     Suffolk   

13   - 14 October        Leeds /   York     

27   – 29 October       North   East Scotland 

20   November           London  


The meetings usually last around an hour and are informal question and answer sessions, involving a maximum of 10 people from the RMT/external organisation and 4 officials from the LPC.  Meetings are held at a mutually convenient venue which can be work premises, union offices or another location. 


If you are interested in organising an RMT delegation to give evidence to the LPC on minimum wage and related low pay issues at any of the above locations, please contact Bob Oram on 0207 529 8284 or b.oram@rmt.org.uk  for further details.


Yours sincerely,





Mick Cash

Acting General Secretary