LRD Law at Work 2018 now available online

To: All Branches, Regional Councils and Regional Organisers


25 May 2018


Circular No. NP/98/18


Dear Colleagues,

LRD Law at Work 2018 now available online

The Union affiliates to the Labour Research Department (LRD) – an organisation dedicated to publishing information of use to trade unionists and employee reps.


In addition to affiliating, we also separately pay for access to a number of LRD products – including their online services.

As part of which, all RMT members are entitled to read and download every LRD booklet and magazine. The content, which is fully searchable and includes both current and back issues, can be accessed at


The logon details are:

username: rmt

password: pot427


Recent publications/ articles of interest include:


New version of the annual booklet “Law at Work”


Compensation for acoustic shock and symptomless physiological change (Labour Research magazine, May 2018)


Challenges to the RPI inflation rate (Workplace Report, December 2017)


Yours sincerely,




Mick Cash

General Secretary