michael foot memorial fund


Dear Colleagues,

Michael Foot Memorial Fund

Michael Foot, the former Labour leader, was born in Plymouth and was Member of Parliament for Plymouth Devonport (among other constituencies).

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth, Plymouth City Council intends to erect a memorial to Michael. The memorial, likely a granite block surrounded by his quotations, would stand opposite the house in which Michael was born in 1913.

Plymouth City Council has launched an appeal for funds to pay for this. In response to which the South West of England Regional Council has passed the following resolution:

“That this South West of England Regional Council requests that the Council of Executives endorse making a substantial donation to the Michael Foot Memorial Appeal which is based in Plymouth.

“As a Union we value Michael Foot’s outstanding political contribution to society and respect his true socialist principles. Principles that he held very dear was support for trade unionism, the peace movement and a world without nuclear weapons.

“Michael Foot is remembered as a towering figure in British politics. Born in Plymouth in 1913 he was elected Member of Parliament for Plymouth Devonport in 1945 and later as the MP for Ebbw Vale in 1960 until 1962. After a distinguished parliamentary career he became leader of the Labour Party in 1980.

“Plymouth City Council has launched a subscription fund to raise money for a memorial to Michael Foot. The memorial is to be placed in Freedom Fields Park in Plymouth opposite the house Michael Foots was born in nearly a century ago.

“Further we request that a circular is distributed to all Branches encouraging them to support this worthwhile appeal through their political funds.”

At the June 2013 statutory meeting the Council of Executives decided to:

“...donate £500 to the appeal and write to say we may consider a further donation if required but this will depend on the support forthcoming from other trade unions. The General Secretary is also instructed to issue a Branch circular publicising the appeal and advising that this is a legitimate item of expenditure from Branch and Regional Council funds.”

Further information on the appeal and on how to donate can be found at www.plymouth.gov.uk/michaelfootmemorial

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow

General Secretary