National March for Palestine – Trade Union Bloc

Head Office Circular No: NP/186/23




19th October 2023


Dear colleague,


National March for Palestine – Trade Union Bloc


As an update to the circular and statement sent yesterday giving notice of the National March for Palestine taking place on Saturday 21st October at 12pm, meeting at Marble Arch we have now received further information of the Trade Union Bloc on this demonstration.


Join the trade union bloc this Saturday for the National March for Palestine in Central London and bring banners and flags to reiterate our calls for an immediate end to hostilities on all sides, an end to the siege of Gaza, an end to the continued bombing and the threat of ground invasion and an immediate opening of humanitarian corridors to allow for the supply of essential goods, energy and medical aid.


The Trade Union Bloc will be meeting at 12:00pm noon at the Corner of Park Lane and North Row – near Marble Arch – See Map here


Medical Aid for Palestinians


RMT is also supporting Medical Aid for Palestinians Emergency Appeal which is responding to the current emergency in Gaza, where hospitals are struggling to cope with an influx of serious injuries. Branches and members are encouraged to donate to this important cause and can do so here


Yours sincerely




Michael Lynch

General Secretary