NEC Resolution on TfL Financial Settlement

Head Office Circular NP/205/21
9 June 2021

The Secretary

Dear colleague,

NEC Resolution on TfL Financial Settlement

On 3 June, your NEC met to discuss the financial settlement between TfL and the Mayor of London and passed the following resolution:

“We note the announcement of a financial settlement between TfL, the London Mayor and the govenment.

RMT condemns all parties to this settlement, which represents an unprecedented attack on TfL workers and the working people of London who rely on Tfl services.

We are particularly concerned that the settlement entrenches future cuts, attacks on pensions, reviews of operating across in all areas of TfL, a pay freeze for workers with TfL contracts and an attack on the TFL pension fund. In return for all this the government has agreed to provide inadequate emergency funding up to Dec 2021.

This is a catastrophic deal for London and for RMT members who kept Tfl services running throughout the COVID-19 Iockdown. A few weeks ago, our members were heroes. Now they are just costs to be eradicated.

We note that the LTRC has a public campaign against TfL cuts and we resolve to continue to provide all reasonable assistance to that campaign. RMT will seek to campaign alongside others to defend jobs, pensions, pay and conditions and to oppose attacks on the working class of London such as road pricing and additional council tax charges. The General Secretary is instructed to supplement the campaign of the LTRC and to continue to run a high-profile media campaign in line with this decision.

The General secretary is also instructed to re-iterate our demand to TfL that this union will not accept job cuts, pension attacks or any detriment to our pay, terms or conditions.

The NEC will support members in any way possible should they decide to take strike action in furtherance of our demands.

We note that TfL has committed to present a budget to the TAL board in July. The General Secretary is instructed to place a report on this budget before the NEC. Any other updates to be placed back before the NEC. Members, branches and LTRC to be informed. This file to be linked to the file Impact of Covid 19 – TfL.”

Please bring this to the attention of your members. I will of course, keep you advised of any further developments.
Yours sincerely,

Michael Lynch
General Secretary