Network Rail – Roles and Responsibilities Programme [Planning and Delivery of Safe Work/Safe Work Leader]

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Our Ref: HSR/4/2
Head Office Circular: NP/187/15
06th October 2015
The Secretary

Dear Colleague

Network Rail – Roles and Responsibilities Programme [Planning and Delivery of Safe Work/Safe Work Leader]

Further to Head Office Circular NP/174/15, 22nd September 2015, this matter has again been considered by the General Grades Committee who have noted and adopted the following report of their Health and Safety Sub-committee:

Further to our decision GWW, 22nd September 2015 we note that further meeting with the company and our representatives was held on the 2nd October 2015. However, once again, despite the company accepting that there are fundamental problems with the SWL system they have refused to pause the program as requested so that the issues can be addressed.

The GGC takes the view that our East Midlands Representatives have given the company more than enough opportunities to iron out the problems with this system and that it is now time to say enough is enough!

The General Secretary is therefore instructed to inform Network Rail that we are now in dispute over this issue and that we are withdrawing our co-operation with the program. Further the General Secretary is instructed to prepare a ballot matrix of all our Network Rail Infrastructure Maintenance staff in preparation for an Industrial Action Ballot. Our Reps are also instructed not to co-operate with SWL program. Further this item to be discussed at a meeting with our NR Area Council Reps on the 15th October 2015.

Relevant Branches and Regional Councils to be advised.

I am acting in accordance with these instructions and will update you with further information as required.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the urgent attention of all relevant members.

Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary