Network Rail - Shaw Report

Head Office Circular No. NP/016/16/MC

To the Secretary all Branches,
Council of Executive members,
Regional Councils and Regional Offices

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Network Rail – Shaw Report

Network Rail, which is responsible for maintaining the safety of our railways, is threatened with privatisation as part of a review being carried out at this very moment. We know from experience of Network Rail’s predecessor, Railtrack, that privatisation resulted in years of underinvestment and contributed to several rail disasters. We don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past. At present Network Rail is in the public sector, which is the best option for ensuring sustainable investment in future and prioritisation of safety.

RMT has responded to the Shaw Report consultation and also worked with the other rail unions and the TUC through Action for Rail to commission a response from Dr. John Stittle.

Both responses can be found here:

Network Rail - Staying on the right track -
Shaw report – RMT response -

Yours sincerely


Mick Cash
General Secretary