New edition of the RMT Traincrew Charter launched

Head Office Circular NP/175/21
24 May 2021

The Secretary

Dear colleague

New edition of the RMT Traincrew Charter launched

RMT’s revised and updated Traincrew Charter was officially launched at this year’s Traincrew Grades Conference last week. I’m writing to you today to share with you an electronic copy on our website. Hard copies will be sent to all our rail branches.

The Traincrew Charter is a vital document. It sets out our vision for the essential role of traincrew on the railways and it has three functions. Firstly, it sets out the demands we seek to get embedded in agreements with our employers. Secondly, it makes the case for traincrew to the world beyond our industry, explaining the essential nature of the work you do. Finally, it tells traincrew themselves that we, the RMT, are their voice in the workplace. We are the union that’s got their backs.

So, please read the Charter, discuss it in your branches and, finally, share it with your colleagues and encourage those who haven’t yet done so to join the RMT today. We should be confident. The case for Traincrew has never been stronger. But we also have to be ready and build our strength, because in the face of attacks from government and employers, the need for a strong, united RMT has also never been greater.

You can download a copy of the charter here:

Yours sincerely,

Michael Lynch
General Secretary