New Law at Work 2019

To: All Branches, Regional Councils and Regional Organisers

05 June 2019

Circular No. NP/103/19

Dear Colleagues,

New Law at Work 2019

It is vital that RMT members are aware of the existing employment legislation and the rights it confers both collectively in the workplace for our union, but also on an individual basis.

In order to ensure that our representatives have a quick reference guide to cover the very significant changes to employment law over the past number of years, your branch’s allocation of Law at Work 2019 book will be sent to you shortly. All branches are receiving a copy or copies according to their size, and these are financed by the Union centrally.

In addition to affiliating to LRD, RMT also separately pays for access to a number of LRD products – including their online services. As part of which, all RMT members are entitled to read and download every LRD booklet and magazine. The content, which is fully searchable and includes both current and back issues, can be accessed at

The logon details are:
username: rmt
password: pot427

Additional copies of Law at Work 2019 can be purchased directly from LRD and are a legitimate use of branch funds.

I hope that RMT members will agree that this book better equips us all in our roles defending and advancing employment rights.

Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash
General Secretary