Not One More Day Assembly Instructions

Monday 26th June 2017

Circular No. National Policy NP/100/17/BO

To the Secretary’s all Branches and Regional Council’s

Dear Colleagues,


As Jeremy Corbyn tells our AGM in Exeter that Labour will repeal Tory rail privatisation act and legislate for public ownership, I say this Saturday has never been a more important moment to take to the streets and demand this government goes now.

RMT will have 36 special 'Tories Out' sail banners to lead our section of the march and you can join us where you see a telescopic flag pole flying a red RMT flag. Look out for this on the day, so we can assemble as a block.

sail banner

These are the banners which will mark the RMT block on Saturday.
Members should congregate at the tall red flag flying near the tree opposite The Langham hotel.

This is a legitimate use of branch expenditure to attend.

Start of the march is at BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA (Oxford Circus or Great Portland St are the nearest tube stations). From there the march will go to Parliament Square.

The mood in the country has very clearly changed since the Tories called the General Election. Cuts, austerity and privatised greed are on the way out and a Labour government with a programme dedicated to the many and not the few is waiting in the wings.

Let us all do everything we can to make sure that a Government, committed to public ownership and workers' rights, arrives sooner rather than later.

Thanking you all, in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary