October 18th National TUC and STUC Demonstrations - ‘Keep The Guard On The Train’

Head Office Circular No HO/194/14                                                                              
2nd October 2014


Dear Member
October 18th National TUC and STUC Demonstrations - ‘Keep The Guard On The Train’

At the 2014 National Conference of Traincrew & Shunting Grades a motion was carried which noted with great concern the effects the McNulty report is now having on the grades groups at that conference and called on the General Secretary as a matter of urgency to call a national demonstration in support of the role of the guard and associated grades. Members were under no illusion that the government wants to decimate the industry and fully implement the McNulty Report.  

The General Grades Committee in considering that motion have agreed that the RMT will facilitate a demonstration on this issue as part of the national demonstrations in London and Glasgow on the 18th October.

Members are therefore encouraged to attend and to wear RMT Keep the Guard on the Train, Keep the Train Safe badges and T Shirts as part of the RMT bloc on the march. Suitable propaganda material including Postcards and Badges will also be available to hand out to the public on the day.

This demonstration is legitimate expenditure of Branch Management Funds and any branch that needs extra funds should raise this via Regional Organisers to address.

I have already sent out circulars stressing the importance of a strong, loud and visible RMT bloc on these important demonstrations. This decision strongly reinforces that view and I look forward to seeing as many members as possible supporting us on the day.
Assemble in London on the Embankment near Blackfriars from 11.00 am and in Scotland on Glasgow green from 10.30am.
For more information or details visit RMT website or contact the National Policy Department on 0207529284

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary