‘Our Work Matters’ – Campaign launch, training event and lobbying event

Head Office Circular No. NP/084/23


To all Branches and Regional Councils


15th May 2023


Dear colleagues


FAO all outsourced cleaning, security, catering and stations grades: ‘Our Work Matters’ – Campaign launch, training event and lobbying event


  1. May 17th, 7pm – online campaign launch


RMT has been working with the TUC to build a campaign for outsourced facilities workers. This Wednesday sees the online launch of the TUC’s Our Work Matters campaign. Please bring this event to the attention of all relevant members, where they will hear from union reps from outsourced facilities management roles across the country, including from the RMT, who have led successful workplace campaigns winning higher pay, fairer treatment and insourcing at work.

Members can register here: 


  1. Training and lobbying event – London, June 15th, 9.30am-3.30pm


15th June is International Justice Day for Cleaners and Security Guards, which is held each year in memory of a group of Los Angeles janitors who were beaten up by the police during a peaceful demonstration against their contractor. 

This year, the TUC is organising a one-day free training event with an opportunity to lobby key politicians on the need for insourcing and fair pay for facilities workers. 

The programme for this day will include interactive workshops with inspirational union reps and members sharing practical advice and insights into how they ran successful workplace campaigns. Members will also have the opportunity to meet, hear from and lobby some Labour politicians directly, making the case for a Labour government to insource public services. 

Please bring this to the attention of your outsourced facilities members and encourage them to register here: https://www.tuc.org.uk/events/our-work-outsourced-workers-connect

Yours sincerely, 



Mick Lynch 

General Secretary