Protect the right to strike - Update

Head Office Circular No. NP/077/23


To all Branches and Regional Councils


25th April 2023


Dear Colleagues



I wanted to provide you with an important update on our campaign against the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill which continues to pose a fundamental threat to our democratic and human right to withdraw our labour. 


Since I last wrote to you RMT along with TUC and other unions are still strongly campaigning against the Bill. The Bill has slightly stalled in the House of Lords with many peers ridiculing the Bill for “wasting Peers’ time” and that Government “should go back to the drawing board.” 


However, the Government is still pushing ahead with this shocking Bill and the report stage in the House of Lords is set to take place this Wednesday 26 April. It will then go back to the House of Commons, with the final Commons debate probably being sometime 10-25 May but this has not been confirmed yet


On the night of the final Commons votes, the TUC is calling an Emergency Protest outside Parliament with the date to be confirmed but, like the previous Emergency Protests we have called, we'll likely only get a week's notice.


It is absolutely vital that we keep up the pressure against this bill so please be prepared and on-standby tourgently mobilise for an emergency protest at some point between 10-25 May and I will be in touch with more details as soon as I have them


Yours sincerely



Michael Lynch

General Secretary