Protect the Right to Strike - Update

Head Office Circular No. NP/094/23


To all Branches and Regional Councils




Dear Colleagues




On Monday night trade unionists and activists turned up to protest the Government’s draconian and anti-democratic Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill as it reached its final stages in Parliament and I would like to thank those who were able to make it at such short notice to send a clear message to this Government that we will simply not accept this fundamental attack on our human right to withdraw our labour.


As expected, the House of Lords amendments, which would have had the effect of weakening the bill were rejected by the Tory majority in the commons and the bill now goes back to the Lords and there may be what is known as some “ping pong” between the Lords and Commons on amendments but ultimately its highly likely that the due to the Tory majority the bill will go through parliament largely intact. 


I will endeavour to keep you updated in further timescales and campaigning, but the fight goes on. We sent a very clear message on Monday that this bill is Unfair, Undemocratic, Unworkable and Unsafe. Quite simply we will not accept this piece of legislation and we made it clear to a future Labour Government that we expect this legislation alongside other anti-trade union laws to be repealed.


Transport workers are under direct attack from the Government and we need to continue to mobilise as many of us as possible to defend our fundamental and democratic rights to strike. 


Yours sincerely


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Michael Lynch

General Secretary