Head Office Circular: NP/168/22

4th August 2022

To: The Secretary




Dear colleague,

PUBLIC RALLY: SAVE LONDON’S PUBLIC TRANSPORT - Resist the managed decline of services, jobs and conditions, 7pm, Wednesday 31st August, Conway Hall, London, WC1R 4RL

London’s public transport system has been under sustained attack since the Covid pandemic exposed the fallacy of attempting to fund a public service out of fare revenue. The Tory government has exploited the collapse of Transport for London’s finances to launch an assault on the pay, pensions, jobs and working conditions of London’s transport workers and it seems intent on driving the managed decline of our public transport system.

We will not let them do this. London Underground workers are fighting back against attempts to make them pay the price of this crisis. London’s bus workers are campaigning against swingeing cuts to services. Other workers are joining the struggle. RMT is hosting a rally of unions involved in this struggle, open to passengers and the public at Conway Hall in central London on 31st August at 7pm. Please bring this rally to the attention of your members, come along yourselves and bring branch banners.

Yours sincerely

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Michael Lynch,

General Secretary