REMINDER: Cuban Futures Conference

Head Office Circular No. NP/168/15/MC

To the Secretary all Branches,
Council of Executive members,
Regional Councils and Regional Offices

Wednesday 21st September 2015

Dear Colleagues,

REMINDER: Cuban Futures Conference
The Cuba Solidarity Campaign is organising a one day national conference (Saturday 3 October from 10.00 to 17.00) on Cuba to discuss the latest developments in the United States-Cuba relationship, the continuing US blockade and the importance of international trade union solidarity with the country at this crucial time.

The conference is being supported by the SERTUC International Committee. It will take place at Congress House in London and will feature international speakers from Cuba, North America and Great Britain.

Branches are encouraged to register delegates for the conference by visiting

RMT is affiliated to the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, and branches are encouraged to do likewise.

Yours sincerely,
Mick Cash     
General Secretary