RMT B&EMMAC Vacancies

Head Office Circular No. NP/006/24

Ref: EO/5


To all Branches and Regional Councils


11th January 2024


Dear Colleagues,




I am circulating the current membership of our Black and Ethnic Minority Members advisory committee as a couple of additional vacancies have arisen.  I would therefore welcome nominations where there are vacancies.  Branches may have a second delegate on a committee on an annual casual basis if no unrepresented branch submits a delegate. An election will be necessary if more delegates that vacancies are submitted in a region.  The deadline for receipt of nominations is 12 February 2024.


For any queries on this, or on our other equality group advisory committees, please contact our Equal Opportunities Officer, Jess Webb j.webb@rmt.org.uk


Yours sincerely

20200518 Mick Lynch sig

Michael Lynch

General Secretary