RMT Education Programme 2023

Circular no: ED/001/1122


21st November 2022





Dear Colleague




I am pleased to confirm that the first part of the RMT Trade Union Education Programme for 2023 will go live on Wednesday 23rd November 2022. This programme will be delivered at the Bob Crow National Education Centre (BCNEC) in Doncaster.


The first part of the programme covers the period January 9th – April 28th 2023. The remainder of the course programme including our regional and online courses will be available in the coming weeks.


The programme as ever is developed and designed to best equip our Unions workplace representatives to support, advise and represent our members across the unionThe programme will include the core skills courses for all grades seeking education for Workplace Representatives, Health & Safety Representatives and Branch Officials roles as well as a number of specialist courses to equip our Representatives and Officials with the skills and knowledge to deal with those issues in the workplaces. The learning style is one of collaboration and participation with reps from across our union learning from each other and strengthening our union.




Members should apply via the RMT website - Log on or Register, click on e-membership, top right, this brings up a list on the left, right at the bottom is RMT Training Courses, click and this brings up all available courses in date order.


This will automatically reserve a place and email the respective Branch Secretary. Alternatively, an application form can be completed and emailed back to d.wornin@rmt.org.uk


The union is right to seek to ensure the maximum benefit in terms of activity and involvement from those attending national education courses back in the workplace, union structures and the wider labour movement. 

When considering course applications, Branch Secretaries should discuss with the applicant how the course will help them in their current role/activity or the role/activity they intend to undertake. Branch Secretaries will be notified via email when online applications are submitted.


If you require any further detail on the courses or the Bob Crow National Education Centre then please contact the Education Administrator, Denise Wornin on (d.wornin@rmt.org.uk)


It would also be helpful if all Regions could ensure they are represented on the National Education Advisory Committee. Do contact Michael Cudjoe, National Education Manager, (m.cudjoe@rmt.org.uk) to advise whether you have an Education Officer and who your delegate is for the National Education Advisory Committee.



Yours Sincerely


Michael Lynch

General Secretary