RMT General Election Strategy

To: - HO Officers, Executive, Regional Organisers, Regional Councils & All Branches

Circular number: NP/073/15
Reference: NP/P7
22nd April 2015

Dear Colleague,

RMT General Election Strategy
Further to my previous circular NP/056/15 of 2nd April 2015, please find a list of candidates the Councils of Executives have endorsed to date.

Please note the candidates with asterisks have been endorsed by the C of E on the basis that they support the union’s key policy points / will be members of the RMT Parliamentary Group if elected. The other candidates have all been endorsed by the C of E under Rule following request from Branches or Regional Councils.

All of these candidates can be supported by Branches and Regional Councils without reference to the Council of Executives and indeed I would remind you of the following key points from the Council of Executives General Election strategy:

•    The union is seeking to pursue a national strategy for this election and Branches and Regional Councils are strongly urged to use their political funds to support those candidates which the C of E has endorsed.

•    Whilst Branches and Regional Councils are encouraged to support candidates within their region from this list they are reminded that they can support candidates which have been approved by the C of E outside of their Region and spheres of influence if they so wish.

•    RMT members should also be encouraged to provide practical assistance to union backed candidates.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Yours sincerely  
Mick Cash                    
General Secretary