RMT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender Members’ Advisory Committee - Nominations for 2016-2018 Term

29th September 2015
My ref: EO/31
                                    Circular No. NP/183/15

Dear Colleague,

RMT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender Members’ Advisory Committee  - Nominations for 2016-2018 Term

The three year term of office for members of the National LGBT Advisory Committee finishes at the end of this year. I am therefore seeking nominations from Branches for delegates to serve on this Advisory Committee from January 2016 until December 2018.

Delegates will be elected for three years and will be eligible for re-election at the completion of their tenure. Please note that current delegates will need to be nominated by their Branches. Should more Branches nominate per Regional allocation, elections will be held.

The Advisory Committee meets three times a year and its role is to advise the Council of Executives on issues relating to LGBT members. Items are submitted to the Advisory Committee by Branches and Regional Councils. The Committee makes recommendations to the Council of Executives, via the General Secretary and the Equal Rights Sub-Committee.

Please complete the attached nomination form, including ethnic profile, and return it to this office by Monday 16 November 2015.

It would be appreciated if you could arrange for the enclosed poster, listing all the Advisory Committee elections, to be displayed on notice boards, etc., so that as much publicity as possible is given.

Yours sincerely,
Mick Cash
General Secretary