RMT Scottish Independence Position

To: All Branches, Regional Councils and Regional Organisers
5th September 2014
Circular No. NP179/14
Dear Colleague

 RMT Scottish Independence Position

Further to previous correspondence on the above, the Council of Executives considered the appeal that was carried at the 2014 AGM on this issue and also that the option of a referendum of members in Scotland was part of the original AGM decision in 2012.

The Council of Executives instructed that a referendum ballot of all our members who live in Scotland takes place to determine their views, with three options on what the Executives recommendation should be, ‘Yes,’ ‘No’, or ‘Neutral’.

The referendum, which was conducted by the independent scrutineer Electoral Reform Services, has been concluded and I can advise you of the following decision of the Council of Executives.

    “That we note the result from our Scottish Members in their referendum for the position the RMT should take on the forthcoming independence election.

Total votes cast: 2389

Number Voting for a “Yes Position” 1051
Number Voting for a “No Position” 968
Numbers Voting for a “Neutral Position “365”
Spoilt Papers 5

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to write to all members who reside in Scotland informing them of the result of the ballot and to inform them that the Union is recommending a ‘Yes’ vote.”

I am in the process of carrying out this decision.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash                    
Acting General Secretary