Save Our Ticket Offices: Bring your banners to the March on Downing Street – 5pm 31st August

Head Office Circular No. NP/146/23


To all Branches and Regional Councils


17th August 2023


Dear Colleagues


Save Our Ticket Offices: Bring your banners to the March on Downing Street – 5pm 31st August.


Congratulations to everyone who has helped to build this massive public campaign. The fight to save our ticket offices and stop the escalating attack on jobs on our railways has grown into a high-profile and high visibility campaign. This campaign won’t end when the consultation closes, it will move to a new phase, but it’s vital that the whole union puts in the maximum effort now to maximise the volume of responses and ratchet up the pressure on the train companies and the government. We have huge and growing public support. Let’s make them feel that volume.


So, here are two things you can do now in your branches:


  1. Bring your banners to the National Save Ticket Offices Campaign march and rally on 31st August. 


We’re gathering at the Department for Transport on Horseferry Road at 5pm from where we will march to 10 Downing Street for a campaign rally at 6pm. Let’s make this a massive show of strength and defiance from our union, with all our branch banners there.


  1. Order campaign materials before 28th August


The most important element of this phase of the campaign is to ensure the maximum volume of consultation responses, so let’s get those postcards out to the public. We know they oppose these cuts, so let’s mobilise that opinion. It’s been a fantastic effort so far, but let’s make it even bigger. You can now order campaign materials easily using this webform here:

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Order them by the 28th to ensure we can get them to you for use before the consultation closes on 1st September. And thanks again for all your efforts. 


Yours sincerely

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Michael Lynch

General Secretary