scottish independence position (3)


Dear Colleague

Scottish Independence Position

Further to my circular of 17th December 2012 (NP317/12) the Council of Executives met on 18 February 2013 when the issue was discussed further. The decision was:

“We note that the Referendum on the question of Scottish Independence will be in October 2014.

“We continue to seek the views of our Scottish members and as part of this process we organise three meetings of our Scottish members in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth and ask for the views of Scottish Branches and the Scottish Regional Council, who are also encouraged to have meetings with C of E members and officers in attendance.

“Responses to be placed back in front of the September 2013 Statutory meeting of the Council of Executives for a progress report on this consultation.”

I will advise you of the dates and venues of the meetings in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth when the details are available. In the meantime branches are encouraged to organise their own meetings.

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow

General Secretary