Scottish Independence Position


Dear Colleague

Scottish Independence Position

As you will probably be aware the 2012 AGM passed the following emergency motion,

“This branch notes that at the recent STUC conference in Inverness this year our delegation to the conference was required to 'abstain' on the debate over 'Devo Max' because of our union's lack of a position on the matter.


This branch regards our unions lack of a position on the matter of not only 'Devo Max' but Scottish independence as a whole as quite a large problem. We believe that we cannot just abstain on a major question affecting our members in Scotland when such honourable and strongly held conflicting views amongst the membership are held regarding the matter.


We believe that to help develop a position we need an informed debated to take place amongst our members as a matter of urgency with a referendum and/or an AGM decision to decide the position that we adopt and support as a union before such a Independence referendum should take place in Scotland.


As other unions start to adopt their positions on the matter of Independence for Scotland this branch believes it is time that we followed suit. We cannot abstain from such an issue that will have a major effect on not only our current, but our future members’ lives. This branch requests this regional council/ general grades committee fully endorses this resolution and acts appropriately on the matter.”

This was considered by Council of Executives on 30th July who referred the matter to the Political Sub Committee for examination and report. The following report of the Political Sub Committee was adopted by the Council of Executives on 29th August,

“That we note the resolution and to help this debate go forward in a balanced way so we can come to a conclusion on what this union’s policy should we, as a start to this process, instruct the General Secretary to invite speakers from the STUC, The Scottish Labour Party and the SNP to address the C of E on their respective positions. All RMT branches to be advised of this position.”

I am in the process of carrying out this decision and will keep Branches advised of developments.

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow

General Secretary