Shrewsbury 24 Campaign - petition

Dear Colleagues,

Shrewsbury 24 Campaign – Petition

The Shrewsbury 24 Campaign was established to highlight the persecution of a group of trade unionists involved in the 1972 building strike.

The arrest, charging and prosecution of the activists, which included Ricky Tomlinson, is an infamous episode in modern British labour history. And factors such as to what extent the security apparatus of the state was involved, remain a mystery.

The government has refused to release the relevant information – declining to do so on the grounds of national security. To find out exactly what happened and to expose the depth of the injustice that occurred, the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign is focused on pressing the government to release all relevant documents.

Members are encouraged to sign and circulate the Campaign’s attached paper petition – which is also available for download at

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow

General Secretary