SOS 2020 campaign – actions against Condor Ferries

Circular No: NP/239/18




Our ref: S1/2 S8/1


7th November 2018


Dear Colleagues


SOS 2020 campaign – actions against Condor Ferries


Further to circular no. NP/0203/18 of 12th October 2018, I am writing to urge all Branches and activists to participate in a big RMT turnout for two actions against Condor Ferries in Portsmouth on the following dates:


Saturday 22nd December 2018

Saturday 12th January 2019


Working together we will reinvigorate the RMT campaign against Condor Ferries before the start of the re-tendering of these lifeline contracts on Guernsey and Jersey next year. Our members cannot compete for jobs on Condor Ferries’ fleet whilst wages are held below the minimum wage and we will be demanding that the next contract is awarded to an operator that respects domestic employment law and recognises the RMT for collective bargaining purposes.


Members and their union will also look to name and shame companies and brands that rely on Condor to supply and sell their goods in the Channel Islands but ignore the consequences for local seafarers of using Condor Ferries.


Meetings are being arranged in Maritime Region 1 to finalise details. I will alert you to the further details on times and locations for these important actions as soon as we have them.


SOS 2020 campaign paraphernalia is available at Regional Offices and travel costs to attend the Condor Ferries demonstrations are a legitimate form of Branch expenditure.


I would be grateful if you could bring the contents of this circular to the attention of members in your branch and you will be kept updated with all further developments.


Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary