Staff our Stations - Regional Campaign Meetings

Head Office Circular: NP/200/21
08 June 2021

To: The Secretary

Dear Colleague

RMT has long campaigned against attempts by Government and train companies to cut station staffing, close ticket offices and casualise the workforce under the Staff our Stations campaign. Whilst the threats to station grades, of course, pre-date Covid-19, it is clear that Government and companies are attempting to use the pandemic to attack station grades jobs, pay and conditions.

It is vital that all station grades are well organised to fight these attacks and that RMT has a visible presence in all workplaces.

Therefore, as part of the Staff our Stations campaign, meetings have been scheduled in each region. The purpose of these meetings is to ensure that station grades members are organised across each region and to plan how we will fight attacks on station grades and protect jobs, pay and conditions and recruit new members.

The meetings are open to all RMT station grades members, reps and local officers in the rail, London Underground and metro sectors, including those employed by agencies or on outsourced contracts.

The meetings will be taking place online from 6pm – 8pm on the following dates:

London & Anglia Regional Council
Wednesday 23rd June
London Transport Regional Council
Wednesday 30th June
Manchester & North West Regional Council
Wednesday 7th July 
Midland Regional Council
Monday 12th July
North East Regional Council
Monday 19th July
North West & North Wales Regional Council
Monday 26th July
Scotland Regional Council
Monday 2nd August
South East Regional Council
Monday 9th August
South Wales & South West Regional Council
Monday 16th August
South West Regional Council
Monday 6th September
Wessex Regional Council
Friday 10th September
Yorks & Lincs Regional Council
Tuesday 29th June 

Anyone wishing to attend their region’s meeting should register online here -

Please do all you can to attend the meeting in your region, and please share details of the meeting with station grades members in your area.

If you have any questions about the meetings please email Sophie Ward, National Policy Officer (

Yours sincerely

Michael Lynch
General Secretary