Taxis - Law Commission

To: - HO Officers, Executive, Regional Organisers, Regional Councils & All Branches

Circular number: NP/005/14/MC

13th Jan 2014

Dear Colleague,

TAXIS – Law Commission

The Law Commission is currently reviewing all legislation relating to taxi and private hire vehicles and will publish a final report with their recommendations and draft Bill by April 2014.

I have attached the interim statement from the Law Commission which states that they do not intend on legally defining plying for hire.

They are also not ruling out the possibility of licensing pedicabs/rickshaws.

They propose managing the number of taxis, but not the number of private hire vehicles. And believe that a higher level of regulation is needed for taxis than private hire vehicles.

RMT will continue campaigning on these matters.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Crow
General Secretary