The Great Rail Payroll Rip-Off

Dear Colleagues,

The Great Rail Payroll Rip-Off

RMT has produced a new report exposing how contractors are using bogus self-employment on zero-hours contracts to rip off rail workers, paying just minimum wage for highly-skilled work. A copy of this report is enclosed/attached.

In a letter to your Union in May, Ian Prosser, Director of Rail Safety at ORR, confirmed that they were aware of the dangers of the casual/zero hours culture while emphasising the cost-cutting issue. In the letter, Mr Prosser says:

 “….although the widespread use of notionally “self-employed” staff on zero hours contracts has some immediate and short term benefits with regard to flexibility and costs, it has a generally negative effect on the attitudes and behaviour of those involved, which is not conducive to the development of a safe railway.”

Further copies of the report, which exposes the racket of bogus self-employment and zero hours contracts, can be obtained from Mick Carty in the National Policy Department

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow

General Secretary