Trade Unionists Against TTIP – Public Meeting 1st Dec

Head Office Circular No. NP/249/14/MC

To the Secretary all Branches,
Council of Executive members,
Regional Councils and Regional Offices.

Thursday 27th November 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Trade Unionists Against TTIP – Public Meeting 1st Dec

TTIP, the US/EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a ‘free trade’ agreement between the world two biggest economies, being negotiated now. TTIP is not about trade. It is in fact a corporate coup that will severely undermine the ability of governments to challenge multi-nationals.
The Campaign for Trade Union Freedom will be holding a public meeting to discuss the implications of TTIP on trade union rights and how best to oppose it. This will take place on Monday 1st December, at 18.00 in the Diskus Centre, Unite Central Office, 128 Theobalds Road, Holborn, London WC1X 8TH.

I will be speaking as will other trade unionists, politicians, lawyers and activists and I strongly encourage you to attend.

Before this public meeting, there will be a demonstration outside Sodexo Headquarters in London at One Southampton Row WC1B 5HA at 16.30-1730  Hours. This is in support of our victimised rep Petrit Mihaj who was sacked for trade union activity.

This building is 5 minutes walk from the Campaign for TU Freedoms  meeting at Theobalds road and it would be useful for members to attend prior to attending the TTIP meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary