TUC “Decent Jobs” Campaign: Events planned for mid-December

Circular No. NP/251/14


27 November 2014





Dear Colleagues,

TUC “Decent Jobs” Campaign: Events planned for mid-December

Millions of people in the UK are in low paid and/ or insecure work. Even some categories of RMT members are having to fight to secure a Living Wage. While other members, who will be in a better position themselves, often work with people engaged via agencies or on temporary contracts whose restricted knowledge of the job may make them a safety risk.


Limited workplace rights for agency/ casual workers and the prevalence of “zero hours” contracts undermines all workers. Although “zero hours” contracts have received much criticism, there remain more than 1.4 million such contracts in use in the UK today.


Accordingly, in December the TUC is organising a week of campaign activities. This is to keep up the media profile and public awareness of these issues ahead of next year’s General Election.


“Decent Jobs Week” will run from 15 to 21 December 2014. Core to the week will be a series of events (mostly weekday daytime stalls). Please see attached list to see what is occurring near you and http://decentjobsweek.org for the latest information.


This is an opportunity for us to highlight our concerns. Members and activists are encouraged to participate with friends and family invited to support this initiative too.


Yours sincerely




Mick Cash

General Secretary


List of places where “Decent Jobs” campaign events will be taking place


-Birmingham (Monday 15 Dec): contact Rob (rjohnston@tuc.org.uk)

-Chatham (Wednesday 17 Dec): contact Laurie (lheselden@tuc.org.uk)

-Chester (Saturday 13 Dec): contact Jay (jmckenna@tuc.org.uk)

-Colwyn Bay (Monday 15 Dec): contact Alex (abevan@tuc.org.uk)

-Derby (Friday 19 Dec): contact Rob (rjohnston@tuc.org.uk)

-Durham (Friday 5 Dec): contact Beth (bfarhat@tuc.org.uk) & Neil (nfoster@tuc.org.uk)

-Gateshead (Saturday 13 & Thursday 18 Dec): contact Beth (bfarhat@tuc.org.uk) & Neil (nfoster@tuc.org.uk)

-Gillingham (Tuesday 16 Dec): contact Laurie (lheselden@tuc.org.uk)

-Hastings (Friday 19 Dec): contact Laurie (lheselden@tuc.org.uk)

-Hucknall (Saturday 13 Dec): contact Rob (rjohnston@tuc.org.uk)

-Ipswich (Monday 15 Dec): contact Laurie (lheselden@tuc.org.uk)

-Lancashire (Saturday 13 Dec): contact Jay (jmckenna@tuc.org.uk)

-Leeds (TBC): contact Bill (badams@tuc.org.uk)

-Leicester (Wednesday 17 Dec): contact Rob (rjohnston@tuc.org.uk)

-London, Southwark (Thursday 18 Dec): contact Laurie (lheselden@tuc.org.uk)

-Liverpool (Tuesday 16 Dec): contact Jay (jmckenna@tuc.org.uk)

-Manchester (Saturday 13 Dec): contact Jay (jmckenna@tuc.org.uk)

-Newport (Thursday 18 Dec): contact Alex (abevan@tuc.org.uk)

-Northampton (Saturday 13 Dec): contact Rob (rjohnston@tuc.org.uk)

-Nottingham (Tuesday 16 Dec): contact Rob (rjohnston@tuc.org.uk)

-Shrewsbury (Saturday 20 Dec): contact Rob (rjohnston@tuc.org.uk)

-Stoke (Thursday 18 Dec): contact Rob (rjohnston@tuc.org.uk)

-Swansea (Wednesday 17 Dec): contact Alex (abevan@tuc.org.uk)

-Worcester (Saturday 20 Dec): contact Rob (rjohnston@tuc.org.uk)

-York (TBC): contact Bill (badams@tuc.org.uk)