RMT Rule Book

RMT's Rules are the property of the union's members. They are adopted and amended by RMT's supreme parliament - the union's annual general meeting.

Last updated June 2023


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Please note, the cross-headings do not form part of the Rules - they have been added for ease of reference

Rule 1
Name, Objectives and Constitution

Rule 2
Conditions of Membership

Rule 3
Government of the Union: Annual and Special General Meetings

Rule 4
Council of Executives and General and Shipping & Offshore Grades Committees

Rule 5

Rule 6
General Secretary

Rule 7
Assistant General Secretaries

Rule 8
National Secretary & Assistant National Secretary

Rule 9
Regional Organisers

Rule 10
Branches and Branch Officials

Rule 10A

Lay representatives

Rule 11
Regional Councils

Rule 12
National Grades Conferences

Rule 12A
National Equal Rights Advisory Committees/Conferences

Rule 12B
National Health and Safety Advisory Conference

Rule 12C
National Retired members’ Advisory Conference

Rule 12D
Young Members’ Advisory Committee & National Conference

Rule 12E
National Union Education Advisory Conference

Rule 13
Ballot and Election Procedures

Rule 14
The Union Funds

Rule 15
Legal Assistance

Rule 16 - deleted
Provident Benefits Fund - General Provisions (deleted)

Rule 17
Accident Benefit

Rule 18
Retirement Benefit

Rule 19
Death Benefit

Rule 20
Demotion Compensation

Rule 21
Orphan Benefit

Rule 22
Trade Disputes

Rule 23
Political Fund

Rule 24
Alteration to Rules

Rule 25
Dissolution Of The Union